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Much rides on the future of Kansas public school funding

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Much rides on the future of Kansas public school funding

Kansas children will continue to face larger class sizes and the elimination of programs if the legislature fails to RESTORE funding for schools this session. The K.C. Star is offering them the solution.  ”The best course would be for the Legislature to roll back some of the income tax cuts that have decimated the state budget and forced Kansans to pay more in sales taxes and property taxes.”

Full-Day Kindergarten and Public Funding

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Additional funding for all day kindergarten is a step in the right direction. But it does not resolve the dramatic shortfall in funding for all of the other classrooms. Restore funding for our public school children.

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Public Schools Funding and the State Supreme Court

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Kansas Supreme Court is reviewing a lawsuit, Gannon v. Kansas that involves state spending for public schools. The public school system is on the defense with an extended lawsuit from the K-12 public school districts to determine if states have met their obligations to finance Kansas public school districts. Even if the districts have a case, facing the state legislature is opening a new path that might to an uncertain future.

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