NO to Constitutional Amendment

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FINAL Save Our Schools SOS NO Constitutional Amendment

A Constitutional amendment was filed Thursday afternoon as a mystery. See HCR5029. It has no listed sponsors. You may click on the link above to view the resolution. It will get a hearing on Tuesday and is scheduled to hit the floor Wednesday.

Calls are needed!  Please contact your legislators. 


  • Low enrollment schools are guaranteed equal educational opportunity.
  • Less wealthy urban kids are guaranteed that the more wealthy schools do not get an advantage.
  • Property taxpayers are guaranteed that they will not pay more simply because of the wealth of the district where their property is located.
  • Western Kansans are guaranteed that their schools can continue to exist and not be reliant upon the whim of more populous area legislators.
  • All kids are guaranteed equal access to an adequate education.

Who wants to shuck these guarantees and leave them to political maneuvering?