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The House and Senate passed a school finance bill yesterday as well as a tax bill to fund it. While the school finance bill certainly does not provide adequate funding and has other equity problems we intend to raise with the court, the bill does largely get us back to a rational formula to fund the schools. The governor has indicated that he may veto the school finance bill and will veto the tax bill. We need to move forward. We expect veto override attempts in both the House and Senate later today. We need you to contact your legislators as soon as possible and ask them to support the veto overrides.

Kansans spoke clearly last November that we need to return fiscal sanity to state government. The governor is in denial and does not support the clear direction that Kansas voters sent. The veto override is needed on one or both bills. Please make your calls.

Please do all that you can to get in touch with your legislator(s) now.

An entire generation of Kansas kids is counting on you!!