H.B. 2410 Kansas School Equity and Enhancement Act Testimony

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Chairman Campbell, Members of the Committee:

Schools For Fair Funding is a coalition of 40 Kansas school districts comprised of 135,241
students, or 30% of the students in Kansas. Thank you for the opportunity to present our views on HB2410.

We are testifying OPPOSED to this bill due to the issues outlined herein.
In judging the constitutionality of any school finance bill, the Kansas Constitution is the
guidestar. The Kansas Supreme Court has further defined just what our Constitution requires to guide us. Most recently, in the Gannon case, the Court has provided the most detailed articulation of the requirements. There are two components a bill must provide to pass constitutional muster: It must provide for adequacy and equity.

“To determine compliance with the adequacy requirement in Article 6 of the Kansas
Constitution, Kansas courts apply the test from Rose v. Council for Better Educ., Inc.,
790 S.W.2d 186 (Ky. 1989), which establishes minimal standards for providing adequate
education. More specifically, the adequacy requirement is met when the public
education financing system provided by the legislature for grades K-12—through
structure and implementation—is reasonably calculated to have all Kansas public
education students meet or exceed the standards set out in Rose….”

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