2017 Session – School Finance

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Kansas State Capitol Building

The three key committees for school finance:  Appropriations, Education and K-12 Education budget will all have new Chairs and Vice Chairs.  Leadership expanded the Education budget subcommittee to 17 members.   Five of the 17 members of the subcommittee also serve on the full committee making the recommendation of the subcommittee very important.

Attached are the committee memberships for your review. If you have a local Legislator on any of these Senate or House committees please make an extra effort between now and January 9 to have a conversation about the needs in your local school district.

1) We liked the formula design prior to the adoption of the block grant. It takes into account the student needs within individual districts.

2) We believe we have a reasonably equitable system in place with the decisions made in response to the Supreme Court’s decision.  If we maintain the key elements of equity and fund the old formula we will have a constitutional formula, one we can all support.

3) We do our best work when we work together. We want to approve a formula going forward that educators, Legislators and the Governor can take to the Court and support.

4) We understand we will likely be looking at a multi-year funding plan to satisfy adequacy.  We want to work with policymakers and the Supreme Court to ensure a reasonable response to the adequacy issue.