Three Equal Branches of Government

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From:  Jim McNiece

As every American History and Government teacher knows there are three branches of government at the federal and state levels:  the executive, legislative and judicial.   One of the great innovations of the founding fathers was the introduction of an independent judicial branch.   An independent judiciary works!  The rule of law defines us as a nation.   One of the most consequential issues facing citizens in the November election will be the retention of the Justices on the Kansas Supreme Court.  It is my strong recommendation that the Justices be retained and the tradition of an independent judiciary be maintained.

There have been many court decisions through history, as well as recent times, that offend one side or the other.  The Kansas Supreme Court reviews cases and makes decisions based on the state and federal Constitution.  The court focuses on insuring all sides receive a fair and impartial hearing.   As with referees anywhere, their judgement and decisions elicit emotional responses.    Issues that include abortion, the death penalty, school finance, and many more cannot be decided in today’s political climate without one side or the other crying foul when a court decision based on law goes against their beliefs or expectations.    The rule of law and an independent judiciary are important corner stones of our democracy.  If we choose to politicize the Supreme Court and disregard the system of checks and balances for a judiciary politically beholden or sensitive to public opinion,  than we have taken a first and drastic step away from the founding principles  of our nation.

Vote to retain the Kansas Supreme Court Justices on November 8th.