Schools for Fair Funding Response to Kansas Supreme Court Ruling on Equity

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sffflogo - Mail ChimpThe Kansas Supreme Court continues to uphold our Kansas Constitution requiring equitable funding for students regardless of their zip code. The message from the court today is that the block grant funding is unconstitutional and must be fixed. Now it is the legislature’s responsibility to find the necessary funding and act in the best interests of our students.

We strongly encourage legislators to resolve the funding problem soon. We want our school doors to open in August and allow the educational process to continue on its regular schedule which includes all of the wonderful school traditions that our communities enjoy.

If the Topeka politicians do not resolve this funding gap not only will our students suffer the consequences but the entire State of Kansas suffers.  We continue to hope and believe that the governor and legislature will act soon in ways that uphold the Kansas Constitution and the rights of all students to an equitable education.


Justin Henry, Superintendent of Goddard USD #265

President, Schools for Fair Funding

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