Gannon Supreme Court Order (July 24, 2015)

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Gannon scheduling order.  On Friday, July 24, 2015 the Supreme Court issued its scheduling order for the Gannon appeal. The court order is attached. Gannon 24 JUL 15 Order

The court split the issues of equity and adequacy for the appeals. They will be briefed and argued separately.

Equity– This is the expedited schedule for equity:

Parties will all brief at the same time as opposed to the normal taking turns. Normally it would be the State, then us, then State again. This will be all at the same time.

First brief due September 2.

Response brief due October 2.

Oral argument November 6 in Topeka before the Supreme Court.

Adequacy This is a normal briefing schedule, (State then us then State again.)

State brief due November 23.

Our brief due January 12, 2016.

State reply brief due January 27.

Oral arguments then to be set “in the spring of 2016.

What does this mean?  The equity appeal will deal with (1) the payment of the $54M of equalization for FY15 and (2) the constitutionality of the block grants in SB7. We expect a decision on these two issues in time for the 2016 legislature to deal with it. We believe the Supreme Court to order the payment of the $54M and to uphold the voiding of the block grants on equity grounds. It will set up the 2016 legislature to come up with a more equitable stop gap method of funding the schools while they continue to think on their longer term “permanent” formula.

The adequacy portion of the appeal is on a normal time schedule.