Shawnee Mission Not Allowed to Exceed the Lid on Increased Property Taxes for Schools

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Petrella is the Shawnee Mission parent case in the federal court system that has been on appeal to the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver. The Tenth Circuit ruled today ( 6.1.15) and schools won… big time… again.

In December of 2010, a group of Shawnee Mission parents filed suit asking that the local option budget lid be voided and that the finance system shift to local property taxes.

Among other things, the court struck down the claim that the LOB cap violates their fundamental property right to spend their own money as they wish.

The court also struck down plaintiff’s attempt to argue that the LOB cap “violates several fundamental liberties.

All issues were dismissed by the court except for one. We’ll see if Shawnee Mission appeals again.

2015-6-1Orderandopinion (1)