Statement in Response to the Governor signing the school finance bill.

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“The school finance bill signed today by the Governor appears to meet the Kansas Supreme Court’s equity mandate. That portion of the suit was successful and the less wealthy districts and taxpayers in the state will see great benefits.

The law, however, is not a clean bill and creates mixed results. Unfortunately the bill also contains unnecessary policy items that don’t benefit public school students. These include corporate vouchers for private schools, expansion of local property taxes, at-risk student funding cuts and the unfortunate due process repeal. These portions of the bill are not only unnecessary but hurtful to taxpayers, kids and teachers.

Now it’s time to finish the job, as directed by the Supreme Court, and address whether the State is adequately funding the schools. I am confident that the court will find that the state has not met this obligation.”

John Robb – General Counsel, Schools for Fair Funding.