Fund all-day K, but don’t forget the base state aid

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By Cristina Janney
Managing Editor 

McPherson Sentinel
Posted Feb. 21, 2014 @ 11:01 am

The state of Kansas has an interesting take on math.

Children who attend kindergarten full time are only counted as half students when it comes to enrollment.

This means the state only funds half of kindergartners’ educations.

Governor Sam Brownback has proposed phasing in all-day kindergarten during the next five years. This means districts that currently have all-day kindergarten would receive funds to cover the cost of the programs they already have in place.

In many districts in the state, including Lindsborg, parents who send their children to all-day kindergarten make up the difference between what the state pays and the actual cost of the extended school day for their children. The governor’s plan would mean reduced costs for parents in these districts.

In yet other districts, all-day kindergarten would become available for the first time.

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